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WATCH: Free diving world champion descend to 60 meters in just 57 seconds at Deep Dive Dubai

August 16, 2022The world’s most unique diving experience, Deep Dive Dubai (DDD), is known for breaking records and pushing the limits of what is possible. Recently, DDD saw free diving champion Alexey Molchanov descend to the pool’s depths of 60 meters and back to the surface in an extremely rapid 57 seconds, breaking all records currently held at Deep Dive Dubai.

With one single breath, Alexey Molchanov, history’s most daring free diver, reached the improbable depth of Deep Dive Dubai’s 60-meter pool and pushed the boundaries of what humans are capable of in just 57 seconds.

Before plunging into the depths of the world’s deepest pool, Alexey performs “lung packing,” a breathing technique that allows him to inflate his lungs with as much as two gallons of air and stay underwater for minutes at a time. It is a technique that Alexey has perfected over years and years of practice.

Free diving is no easy feat on the body, which goes through several changes to help with rapid acclimatisation. Experienced divers such as Alexey have to reduce their heart rate to more than 50% to respond to the underwater depths. To cope with the pressure, the body undergoes peripheral vasoconstriction, which involves blood being pushed to only the vital organs to keep the body functioning properly. The lungs compensate from the excess pressure of the dive by expanding as necessary to allow for changes in the body.

Deep Dive Dubai allows thrill-seekers to dive into another world of possibilities. With the world’s deepest pool, at a depth of 60 meters, everyone gets the opportunity to discover an underwater world filled with adventure and wonder. Deep Dive Dubai’s offers packages and experiences for beginners and experienced divers alike, with experiences starting from AED 400. A full list of experiences and courses, more information and bookings are available at