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Skydive Dubai Sets Two New National Skydiving Records for the UAE

15 May 2024: Skydive Dubai, the world-renowned skydiving destination, has reinforced its position at the forefront of the sport by securing two phenomenal national skydiving records for the UAE in the last three weeks.

The first record, a Head-Up Formation, was achieved on April 28th, while the second, a Head-Down Formation, was accomplished on May 14th, 2024.

Skydivers from the UAE formed the core of both record-breaking formations. However, the spirit of skydiving proved international, with participants traveling from Chile, Turkey, Italy, Brazil, Russia, and Kuwait to be part of history. This exemplifies Skydive Dubai’s influence in elevating the sport’s global profile and popularity.

Organised by Skydive Dubai’s expert staff, the awe-inspiring VFS Head-Up formation involved 31 skydivers, redefining the boundaries of aerial sports at Skydive Dubai’s Desert Campus. This remarkable feat, achieved after eight attempts, showcased the group’s exceptional skill and coordination.

Building on their 2022 triumph, Skydive Dubai made history again with a record-breaking VFS Head-Down formation comprising 46 participants, once again at Skydive Dubai’s Desert Campus. Organised by Skydive Dubai’s Flight School team, the record was also achieved after eight attempts.

Both record attempts involved skydivers exiting the aircraft at a staggering 18,000 feet – nearly 5,000 feet higher than the altitude for tandem jumps. Due to this high altitude, each participant received supplemental oxygen during the ascent.

A highly-skilled and seasoned videographer captured the formations, ensuring crucial footage for record verification. Following the attempts, the Emirates Aerosports Federation meticulously reviewed and judged the footage before officially certifying the records.

“Skydive Dubai is committed to push the boundaries of the sport, inspiring thrill-seekers, and adventure enthusiasts worldwide. They offer unparalleled skydiving experiences, inspiring enthusiasts worldwide to reach new heights of excitement and achievement” – said Mohamad Javad, Executive Vice President, Leisure & Entertainment

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