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Deep Dive Dubai Celebrates Innovation and the Future of Underwater Exploration with OceanOneK

September 27, 2023

  • Deep Dive Dubai provided an unparalleled setting for the innovative deep-diving robot, OceanOneK, offering a unique window into the future of underwater exploration
  • OceanOneK’s advanced technology shows that human touch, vision, and interactivity can be brought to underwater exploration, permitting those operating it to be immersed in the environment with touch and 3D, stereoscopic vision

Deep Dive Dubai, owned by Shamal Holding, hosted a significant event featuring the groundbreaking OceanOneK. The event, attended by distinguished VIP guests and media, showcased the remarkable collaboration between Deep Dive Dubai and Stanford University’s Robotic Lab, led by Professor Oussama Khatib, the visionary behind the humanoid robot.

Deep Dive Dubai, the world’s most unique diving experience, provided an unparalleled platform for the OceanOneK Robot to exhibit its diverse capabilities, reflecting its unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries in underwater technology.

This event celebrated the profound connection between humans and the underwater world, exemplified by OceanOneK‘s seamless interaction with its surroundings. From playing billiards to treasure hunting, the robot’s versatility is evidence to the limitless possibilities that lie beneath the surface.

Abdulla Binhabtoor, Chief Portfolio Management Officer, Shamal Holding, said: “We are delighted to welcome Professor Oussama Khatib and his team to Deep Dive Dubai, providing a unique showcase of the future of underwater exploration. The collaboration between Stanford University’s Robotic Lab and Deep Dive Dubai evokes Dubai’s spirit of exploration, discovery and enjoyment. Shamal is proud to play an active role in positively contributing to Dubai’s long-term ambitions, working with world-class partners to push the boundaries of innovation and technology as we continue to invest in the extraordinary, generating meaningful and sustainable returns.”

“The OceanOneK’s ability to seamlessly interact with its surroundings sets a new standard for underwater robotics and opens innovative paths for research and discovery. At Deep Dive Dubai, we firmly believe that diving is not just a sport, but a spirit of exploration that fuels our collective imagination. We encourage individuals to test their limits and plunge into new depths, both figuratively and literally. Our facility is a testament to this ethos, equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology, creating an environment where innovation thrives.” – added Jarrod Jablonski, Director of Deep Dive Dubai.

The robot’s haptic (touch-based) feedback system and stereoscopic vision produce incredibly realistic sensations like those a person would experience while diving underwater. That means that when an operator uses controls to direct OceanOneK, the robot’s haptic feedback system allows the person to physically feel the environment, including details like the contours of ancient artifacts.

The robot is an exceptional technological marvel, possessing the rare ability to see and explore through images, manipulate objects with its hands, and establish a connection with humans. These distinguishing features set it apart from other underwater robots on the global stage.